Created On
Wednesday March 24, 2021 - 13:09

It's been a hell of a year. I started the guitar for this just before things started getting rough. I wrote the lyrics over the year, in the order they appear.

It's the first time I've ever written lyrics to one of my songs. It's my first time singing publicly. I can clearly see I'm not that great a singer! I even left in the screwup, cause what's a story of 2020 without something screwed up? I hope you'll enjoy my song.


Wearing a suit of skin
One size too small
The air a degree too hot
Too close, these walls

The indecision holding me back,
Won’t let me stop
I can’t even get started
Can’t afford to not

I’m back home with
My family and friends
They say you can’t go back home
Turns out I’ve become foreign

A stranger in a familiar land
This place I call home
I know it so well
To it I’m the unknown

All I am’s a reflection
Of what I used to be
There’s nothing I could have done,
It’s just the way I am
I’m not me

I’m not me


Everything, too quick now
But I move slow
The rushing, the crushing
frustrate my soul

Pushing, trying
Everywhere I go
Missing that piece
That made me whole

Made me whole x2

Everything, so slow now
Not moving I know
The rushing and the crushing
They frustrate my soul

I’m pushing and I’m trying
Everywhere I go
Missing that piece
That once made me whole

Made me whole x2


Do I just give in to it all?
Fall down that empty hole
Is it worth the energy?
Is it worth the toll?

Going where it pushes me
Abandon my own road
Maybe this is the end
Maybe it’s time to let go


This pain that I feel
Inside of my head
This can’t just be it
Can’t be the fucking end

I’ve got to move on
Got to dig deep inside
This can’t be the end
I want to keep alive

I gotta keep pushing through
Find another way
This can’t be the end
Will I fight another day?

Gotta keep moving on
This can’t be the end
This can’t be the end


its not


So where do I go what do I do from here?
There’s so much to worry, and there’s so much to fear

I guess I’ll keep moving, keep on going ahead
This isn’t it
This isn’t the end.